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How To Remove Raila Odinga Virus In 2 Minutes


How to remove raila odinga virus is a very easy process. Firstly, Raila odinga is a worm that attacks Microsoft word files, but it looks like a JPG file and mostly found on the desktop.

Raila odinga has some common characteristics

1. If you delete the picture file it will delete and return to where it where.

2. It runs from the driver folder in system 32 folder

3. it auto runs at system startup

4. It makes the computer boot slowly

5. It makes your computer to hang.

6. It creates new folder.exe folders in your computer

How to remove raila odinga virus, open my computer, double click drive C: open WINDOWS folder, double click on system 32 folder, open driver folder,

locate the word file in the folder, note the name. Right click on the task bar, open task manager, click on the process tab locate the name of the word file you saw in the drive folder, right click on the name of the file, click end process, to terminate the running process

Open the driver folder of system 32 where the file is, delete all the ms word files on that folder, then close the folder locate the raila odinga picture file usually on the desktop or somewhere in your computer, delete the picture file. Please do not double click on the picture file only delete it, finally empty your recycle bin and restart your computer. That way odinga is off your machine.

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Source by Nweke Chinedu

How to Get Rid of a Virus on Your Smartphone

Virus threats can be a serious concern if your cell phone gets infected by malware, Trojans that inevitably leads to identity theft. It's important to keep track of and control your smartphone and the best way is to do so is by installing the finest virus removal software. Given the fact that cell phone viruses are easily transferable through emails, attachments, text messages and the internet, it's important to keep proper distance from it. Always make sure that you install a reliable antivirus on your phone and ensure utmost privacy and junk mail settings. If you suspect a virus in your system, it's imperative to get rid of it without thinking of buying a new phone.

But what if your smartphone is already infected by destructive a virus? Read on for a more information about various ways to get rid of mobile phone viruses:

Restore your smartphone: An immediate way to help yourself get rid of mobile phone viruses is to restore your phone to factory settings. Before moving your steps further make sure you have removed the SIM card and memory card that contains important personal information in it. It is usual that your SIM will get affected by any cell phone viruses. Restore all the settings that can be stored on your phone. It is certainly a severe way to get rid of all your cell phone viruses since it's an effective way.

Use Effective Anti-virus Program: If you are a smartphone user, its imperative on your part to utilize effective virus threat protection. These softwares work in a similar way as computer virus removal do. It performs malware scans, updates and removal of software for better performance. The only drawback is that it utilizes a lot of memory on your phone.

Confirm the Permission List: Before downloading any particular application, always ensure that you go through permission list. Discuss the number of various things that your app is able to perform to avoid confusions. If in case you find anything confusing or suspicious, make proper research and then install it to your cell phone.

Keep Antivirus Updated: After installing one of the best antivirus programs to your cell phone, it's important to update it on regular basis. Ensure you set your phone every time to keep a check over updates the moment you get connected online.

Detect Viruses Frequently: Once you have located or diagnosed the virus threat, simply utilize the application manager built in your cell phone. Download applications from third party after following the instructions carefully to avoid terminating the number of viruses found.

Source by Alexs Smith

How to Remove Virus 360 From Your Computer Forever – Delete Virus 360 Within Minutes

Before you learn how to remove virus 360 it is important for you to understand more about the virus. The virus 360 is a program which will scan your computer and list a variety of different problems you have with your operating system.

According to the virus, these problems it found on your computer are infections and you will not be able to remove them until you buy the program to do so. This can be a dangerous virus because the files the virus 360 will list as being problematic are actually fine and there is nothing wrong with them.

So if you were to really think something was really wrong with these files and deleted them, you might actually end up deleting some important files form your computer. These files you deleted can cause your operating system to permanently shut down.

The truth is, the only infection on your computer is the virus 360 and it will do everything to scare and trick you into thinking your infected with something else. Not only will this virus try to trick you into deleting important files, but it will also cause your computer to perform much slower than before.

To remove virus 360 you can do it one of two ways. You can either remove it manually, or you can remove it automatically using a virus removal software. One of the things you can do to manually remove it is by looking into your registry. You can perform a registry check and carefully remove the entries that have been maliciously added.

Before you begin deleting entries from your registry it is important for you to make a back up, just incase you mistakenly remove something from your registry that is important to the functioning of your operating system. Many times this virus will hide itself within legitimate entries as a way to not get detected.

Often times it is a file DLL that get's corrupted by the virus and to remove it manually you have to find the folders that contain the corrupted DLL file then delete it. However, traces of the virus 360 will be left behind and still harass your operating system even after deletion. So it is necessary to also unregister any of the corrupted DLL files to get rid of the problem for good.

Also, you should perform a regular check of your computer for this virus and remove any traces of it before the problem becomes worse. It is recommended that if you're not familiar with checking and removing files from your registry, you should get a professional virus removal software.

When you run this software it will thoroughly scan and remove virus 360 for good. Removing this problem manually takes a lot of experience and time. It is a very risky process if you do not know what you're doing and it can permanently ruin your operating system if you deleted the wrong file.

The best way to delete this virus for good is to do it automatically. You do not need to know anything about your registry, all you have to do is use the software to perform a thorough scan and then it will display all the problems it found. Within a click of your mouse you can delete all the corrupted files within minutes.

Source by Bill Castle

Becoming A Virus Removal Pro Is Not Easy – Here’s Why

Would your life drastically improve if you were considered the "Go To Guy" that everyone calls the minute their computers catch a virus infection?

Think of having the ability to remove spyware, rootkits, adware, viruses, Trojans and more from any and all computers? Today just might be your lucky day, as I have several tips that I want to share with you. These important facts will help you to realize the work, trial and error and time needed to become an expert at malware removal.

The following five skills are MANDATORY, for anyone looking to become a virus removal pro:

1.) Realizing which is the best ( and worst) virus scanning software

Learning the best and most effective software to use when removing malware, is one of THE most important attributes of a virus removal pro. A vital component of becoming a virus removal pro, is knowing what software to use to remove malware. Not all virus scanning software is created equal; there are some expensive programs available that need to be renewed (re-purchased) yearly, yet several of these programs are not as effective as some FREE software! In other words, that $ 50 virus software in that shiny new box, will roughly detect a mere 3 out 10 viruses – that will CRIPPLE a computer!

Norton antivirus, or McAfee, or Panda, or the most robust solution, are NOT able to remove EVERY infection from a computer (bet you did not know that)! As a matter of fact, no ONE particular software is totally effective in removing all infections from a computer. It is important to use several types of software when scanning for malware, and knowing WHICH software to use is key in becoming a virus removal guru.

2.) The ability to educate users on how to avoid infection (and how to get infected in the first place)

Another skill that must be learned and then taught as an expert, is how people usually get infected in the first place! In other words, you will need to pay close attention to the various infections that are common in the present and not too distant past. Tracking different infections will allow you to also track the infection method, or what caused the malware to "execute" or spread. For example, did the customer click on a picture that they were emailed? Did they click on a "you are infected pop-up" (even closing it)? Did they allow an infected computer on their network?

Knowing how to communicate with and educate a customer on how to prevent infection, is a necessary skill that many technicians and consultants fail to learn or practice. Being hard to understand ( "geek-speaking"), rude, pushy or is a step in the wrong direction for anyone looking to become a professional.

3.) Learn which processes that run in Windows are "normal" Operating System processes

In order to remove any and all malware from a PC, it is important to know what NOT to remove. Removing system files, folders or other important Windows files can cause a computer to become unreliable, lose data and in the worse case be rendered totally unbootable. It is extremely critical to know which processes running in Windows are valid processed.

This can be difficult to do due to the fact that, whenever software is installed on a computer (either trusted or malicious), that software has processes that run in Windows, or depend on Windows hosts processed (such as svchost.exe). One you are able to identify which processes run in Windows by default, and how to identify processes that are harmful, you are one step closer to becoming an expert. Unfortunately due to the vast number of processes and files that can run in Windows at anytime (and change depending on the computer), it is best to learn this through hands on experience.

4.) Knowing what to do at a time when "nothing else can be done"

There comes a time in every virus infection, when you are not allowed to install any software at all, especially antivirus software that you will use to remove the infection at hand. At the same time, the firewall will be disabled, Windows Security Center will be stopped, the internet connection may be disabled by the malware, the computer will not boot in safe mode or may not even boot AT ALL !! What are you going to do at this point?

A virus removal pro has learned how to "workaround" the problems that an infection can cause. He or she knows how to use an external drive to backup precious data, then scan and clean viruses from a computer successfully. This expert also knows how to re-enable an internet connection that has been disabled by malware, as well as how to remove pesky and difficult viruses can cause internet browsers to "re-direct" to BAD websites (sites that contain more viruses).

An expert also knows how to reserve the damage done during a malware infection, to return a computer back to "normal," especially when it comes to removing the hidden threats that MOST antivirus software NEVER detect. The same threats that steal passwords, credit card information, contact names and information, and more; then uploading it to other spammers and thieves. Editing the HOSTs file is one method to reverse damage inflicted by malware, as well as manually removing rogue files that usually appear in the same folder types, such as "System32."

5.) The ability to learn by referencing step by step details or instructions

Is becoming a virus removal pro more difficult than you anticipated it to be prior to reading this article? I have learned "the hard way", that it can take YEARS of hands on training – experiencing various scenarios, many types of infections and behaviors; as well as overcoming many of the issues experienced when removing viruses, to truly become a "pro".

A significant amount of time is needed, as well as hands on experience with many different computers, to become proficient in tuning a computer to the level of performance that existed before becoming infected. Tune ups are needed after every malware removal, largely due to the fact that most infections cause a computer to run "slower" than it did prior to becoming infected.

A tune up consists of (among other things): cleaning the registry, removing unnecessary programs from start-up and in Windows, turning off unneeded services, cleaning temporary files, tweaking Windows settings for maximum speed and performance; and more.

Source by Jarvis Edwards

Get Your PC Problems Resolved With Microsoft Live Support

Computers are an integral part of everyday life; it is literary how the world moves today with many people relying on computers to get things done. You can couple your computer with a projector, gaming console, scanner, router or printer to make your life simpler depending on what tasks you have at hand. However, computer malfunctions are not inevitable; you will face technical problems every now and then. These problems can be frustrating and could even cost you if you rely on the computer to keep your business running.

When dealing with Microsoft error codes or Windows upgrade issues, the first thing you are likely to do is try to fix the problem yourself or call your techie friend to try and resolve the issues. Some people will even opt to take the computer to the nearest repair shop to have the problem fixed. They are all good options to get you back up and running, but you really do not need to go through all that effort with Microsoft Live Support.

The online support service

Technical service providers offering Microsoft product support for all users usually have Microsoft certified technicians making up the support team to deal with all issues related to Windows. The live support comes with a number of benefits to you as a user, including affordability, ease of use and reduced turnaround time to fix the problem. The agents are always on standby, meaning that you will get the assistance you need without necessarily having to wait in line. You also know you can continue enjoying your PC even when such issues arise at night because the live chat support remains open round the clock.

The Microsoft Office support brings in lots of convenience and takes the fruitless efforts off your care. All you need to do is click on chat and you will have the available agent, fixing your issue or guiding you through it easily. Whether your computer runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows XP, you can be sure to get the help that you need. Among the common issues that you can have fixed using live support are:

· Windows upgrade issues

· Installation errors

· Update and service pack issues

· Stop errors and BSOD

· Printer problems

· DVD / CD issues and driver problems

· Microsoft security issues

· Virus removal problems

· Windows performance and slow down issues

· Video and audio issues

These are just some of the common problems your service provider can cover, but the coverage, of course, varies from one support provider to another. The more the provider can handle the better they will be even in covering any future Microsoft issues you might face. The live support caters to the needs of individual home users, small business and IT enterprises and there is a fee for every issue fixed. When looking for a support provider, consider the charges and guarantee as well as the available packages for the support.

Source by Jovia D'Souza